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Okay porn fans here’s an awesome amateur POV video for today’s Horny video pick starring a very hot young blonde cock fiend. I have no attention span this week so I’m just picking whatever the fuck I feel like and this particular amateur pov video has been on deck for a while. I didn’t pick this one because of any wild fetish (unless you happen to really like creampies) or because of some bone breaking power fucking. This amateur pov video stands out because the bitch in is a real natural cutie but most of all the pov is shot really well giving you a great sense of being there.

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This amateur pov video gets straight to the action and starts out focused on a pair of smooth young thighs spread wide open showing off a beautiful little snatch. Stunt cock wastes no time and stuffs his already stiff dick in her sweet young pussy and she reaches down to massage her clit. The camera zooms out a bit and now we get to see what the rest of this gorgeous young amateur pov video star looks like. She’s got a very pretty all American face with long blonde hair and a great fuck me harder look in her eyes. She’s also has a lean sexy body with long smooth supple legs, a pair for good sized all natural tits and as you’ll see later a really nice firm round ass.

She’s super hot and looks incredible as she fucks along in this amateur pov video and to make things even hotter she clearly loves the cock. Down on that hard tile floor you’d think it would be stunt cock doing the fucking while she grins and bares it, but not this young slut. She’s got her sexy legs wrapped around behind her stud and she’s the one ramming the cock in her cunt. Flat on her back pounding pussy on our thick dick makes those all natural tits of her bounce back and forth in hypnotic waves. She grabs her tits and plays with them while stunt cock focuses in on her face and you can see in her eye just how much she likes that cock insider her.

Now she leans up for a few quite strokes and a quick blowjob before she turns around to fuck our stunt cock from behind. She’s on her knees with her head down which makes that nice round ass I was telling you about stick way up for us to watch as slides her pussy on our stunt cock for this amateur pov video. Her stud starts out doing the fucking, but it’s not fast enough and she starts fucking back harder and faster. She’s moaning and telling us to fuck her pussy when she gets up on her hands to pound her pussy a little harder. This makes for some awesome amateur pov video as you can see how tight her pussy is as it grips that thick dick on the way out. Stunt cock can’t take it any more though and shoots his load deep inside her pussy for an amateur pov video creampie. When her pulls out she clenches with her snatch and pushed his wad back out. She falls forward and reaches back to get a finger full so she can taste it and from the look on her face this amateur pov video stars one serious cum lover!

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