I Want To fuck Gianna Michaels Like This All Oiled Up

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You’ve probably figured out that Gianna Michaels is one of my favorite pornstars and always makes a great daily Horny video pick. This clip for today is especially awesome as Gianna Michaels does her usual first class sucking and fucking, but looks even hotter than normal all covered in oil!

I Want To Fuck Gianna Michaels All Oiled Up Like This

Today’s video starts out with a great tease as Gianna Michaels enters the room in a holey white tank top and really small skirt. With no panties on she teases us with her big meaty ass and famously big fat tittys as she shakes and bounces and gives sneak peeks of what’s to cum. The only thing better than a jiggling Gianna Michaels is a shiny oily Gianna Michaels and after a couple minutes she whips some out. She starts out by spitting a mouthful all over her tits and then proceeds to squirt and rub oil all over herself. Your pants are going to be splitting already watching her rub that oil all over her ass and pussy and not to mention some of the most awesome underboob shots ever when she gets those big luscious tits oil up.

The teasing worked on stunt cock cuz he enters the scene with full wood and goes straight after the pussy. Not time for cock sucking for even to bend her over, she just spreads her pussy and he stuffs the pimpstick in it. After some vigorous pussy pounding they slow down for a second to switch to doggy style. They keep the oil flowing and it’s fucking awesome watching Gianna Michaels big juicy ass ripple and shine as her oiled up tits swing back and forth.

Then finally decide to go for some oral and she sits on stunt cocks face for a bit before she leans forward to suck some cock. She wants that cock back in her snatch though so it doesn’t last long and she mounts back up in a reverse cowgirl. Now we gets some more killer underboob shots as her big shiny tits jiggle from the pussy pounding. Then the camera swings around to give and equally hot shot of her her glistening ass bouncing as she slides her pussy up and down our stunt cock.

They continue the assault on her cunt for the next several minutes and from numerous positions. Naturally there’s even some titty fucking mixed in since it would be pretty fucking hard to resist stuff your cock in those greasy melons. The whole video is packed with one incredibly hot fucking position after anther before entering the home stretch with her on her back. As much as I hate to see it end, stunt cock pulls out and rubs one out until he pops it into Gianna Michaels hungry waiting mount!

Gianna Michaels Oiled Up And Fucked


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